Education abroad

To your attention are offered educational programmes at language centers and private schools, colleges and universities of Great Britain, Ireland, Germany, France, Switzerland, Czech Republic Poland, Austria, Spain, Italy, Malta, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and other countries.

One of the top priority tasks is to assist you in making the correct choice and to clue you through educative options of different countries.

For children:

Vacation programmes (summer, autumn, winter, spring)

Secondary education (schools and colleges)


For youth:

-Language courses

-Pre-entry training

-Higher education


For business people:

-Specialized language courses

-Master course, Doctoral programmes


Advantages of education abroad:

-It’s a profitable investment to your future and future of your children;

-A foreign diploma broadens opportunities for career development;

--A chance to improve the level of your knowledge due to international experience;

A great chance to become an independent person with a spacious mind.

Why is it reasonable to turn to our Company?

Our employees are highly experiences in arrangement of education abroad

We will save your time by choosing the desirable educational institution

We will consult you as for necessary paperwork

We minimize the risks of visa refusal

We undertake all troubles for filling in all necessary papers and applications